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  • Spray Drying
  • Tanks &
  • Generator’s Canopies
    & Pipe Lines
  • Conveyors &
  • Bill
  • Gas & Water

Process Dynamics is capable to execute turnkey projects in dairy industry, textile, Leather, chemical industry. All systems comply with sanitary standards and are capable of being cleaned in place.
Conventional Two-Stage Spray Dryer
Powder discharged from the drying chamber can be further dried and cooled in a vibrating fluid bed, the PDL Niro Vibro Fludizer. This two-stage drying concept achieves better overall heat economy and is suitable for many food and dairy products.
Compact Spray Dryer
Atomization is created by either a rotary atomizer or spray nozzle atomizer. The location of the fluid bed within the drying chamber permits drying to be achieved at lower temperature levels resulting in higher thermal efficiencies and cooler conditions for powder handling. The plant can be equipped with pneumatic transport system for many powders or with an external vibrating fluid bed for agglomerated powders.

Process Dynamics manufactures a verity of process equipment such as:

  • Storage tank
  • SS Silo
  • Heat Exchanger, Reactor
  • Mobile Tanker
  • Dumb Tank
  • Oil Storage Tank
  • Centrifuges
  • Spray Dryers
  • Filter Press

  • Generator pipe line’s fabrication and Erection
  • Cooling Pipe line
  • Heat Exchanger pipe line and fitting
  • Gas pipe lines, filters/Bypasses etc
Floor Conveyor
Trolley Conveyor
Hinged Steel Belt Conveyor
Rubber Belt Conveyor
Monorail Conveyor
Conveyors for Growers
Enclosed Track Conveyors
Recycling Conveyors
Bridge Crane
Jib Crane

PDL has Fabricated & erect different sizes of bill boards for our valuable clients. Its sizes are as below:

Bill Board 20 x 60 ft
Bill Board 30 x 60 ft
Bill Board 60 x 90 ft
Bill Board 40 x 120 ft etc

We can provide a range of water bowsers for the jot of water supply at anywhere. We manufactured towable water bowsers have either a 500 litre or 1100 liter capacity and with addition of 3 petrol pressure washer the bowser becomes a fully mobile cleaning unit.

Our Bunded Fuel Bowsers use a unique patented design to totally eliminate the risk of contamination to the environment by spillages.


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